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I purchased the entire Miracle Blade set with wooden holding block around 2002 or 2003. What a piece of garbage these knives have turned out to be! The handle of the Kitchen Shears broke, all the knives have lost their sharpness, and since they have a scalloped edge you cannot sharpen them up, and to add insult to injury they are RUSTING and are full of stains! I wash them in my dishwasher, and only use them for light jobs like cutting steaks or fruits & vegetables, yet they look like they have been through *** and back that I am embarrassed to let guests use them. And to top it all off, the wooden block is now emitting a very noxious and strange chemical odor. When you pull a knife out of the block, the odor is stuck to the knife and then transfers to the food you are cutting -gross! I haven't even bothered trying to get everything replaced, because from what I have read on other complaints they will charge me in shipping what it costs to buy a new set.

My advice to everyone here is to NEVER buy knives with scalloped edges or with any other design on the blade that won't allow you to sharpen them, and stay away from this Miracle Blade garbage, unless you want tarnished, rusty and dull knives that stink when you pull them out of their wooden holding block.

Miracle Blades do not live up to their claim and are a huge SCAM -stay away from them folks!

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I have the exact same set and they work perfectly fine for me and you can sharpen them I do it on a regular basis and the wooden block is fine as well it must be the way you take care of them

to Anonymous Gulfport, Mississippi, United States #1246219

You must work for this company..because you are wrong on ALL accounts. Do you think I am the only person making these complaints?

THOUSANDS of other people are complaining about them too..just google the problem. These are knives..not works of art..so they do not require special care.

Yet mine are dull, and have horrible stains on them. Cheap and worthless product.


What did you expect for 3-4 dollars per knife.

Walled Lake, Michigan, United States #1052504

So you purchased them .....Thats hilarious. i would hate to go anywhere with you.

you probably complain everywhere about everything. your ridiculous

to toenails #1052626

You are obviously an employee who works for them. The Better Business Bureau is full of complaints about this company who lied to consumers about the quality of their products. Word is there is now a class action lawsuit being brought against them..so let's see how "hilarious" you think that is when it's done.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #716153

I agree, the rusting on the knives was a shock to see. I do not have a dishwasher I only wash them by hand yet the little rust spots are still there I scrub at it with a scouring pad and it comes off but later reappears.

Silly how a knife set that is supposed to be stainless steel can easily rust. Lifetime warranty should not charge for the shipping! Is this how you make the customers happy? We were already charged once.

Ridiculous! There is a lot of money to be made though shipping. Great legal way to scam your customers.

Do not spend your money on these knives not worth it.

(sharp but also rusty) terrible.

to lorificus #1052629

Do what I and others now do. Buy a new set at Walmart and switch them with your set and then return them after a few days.

Walmart is so aware of this issue they usually won't even ask you what is wrong..but if they do..just tell them you weren't happy with the quality..or that they rusted..or whatever. I do this every 6 months or so since that is around the time the rust on them becomes unbearable. It's not the ideal solution..but it's the best we scammed consumers can get at the moment.

And I consider it a fair return since the blades are not living up to their promise. I am now waiting for the Class Action Lawsuit that my lawyer told me is being prepared against this SCAM company.

to Miracle Blade Is A Scam P, Michoacan De Ocampo, Mexico #1215886

So, because you think you were scammed by Miracle Blade, you think you're justified in becoming a thief. Interesting mental process, there.

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